Bas Westerhout
Thijs Muffels

Bas gave me very professional and competent support in a labor law matter. Quick, reliable and to the point. Highly recommended!”
Jan Dörrwächter, Senior Partner hkp// group

” I have worked with Bas from 2004. From major reorganizations to smaller legal disputes. I especially liked the realistic advice and the collegial approach with an eye for the situation. I can proudly say that I am very satisfied with the results of the cases, despite the fact that we have not won everything. From my side I can highly recommend Lieshout-Westerhout and especially Bas Westerhout.”
Leendert Klinkt, Global HR Director at Van Hessen

” I have worked with Bas for many years and do trust and tremendously value his honest feedback and his reliable in-depth knowledge on all related legal employment matters.”
Bob Rogmans, HR Business Partner – Commercial (Senior HR Director) at Norgine

” Working with Bas is a rare opportunity to come across, a salutation focused client driven lawyer. Over the past years I worked as an HR Director on multiple cases with him spanning from simple labor disputes through to supporting the board of directors and me in a very precarious organizational situation. Bas has the ability to summarize complex organizational situations into simple legal terms without losing sight of the client’s interests, as a result providing a choice of legal options to resolve these situations. If you find yourself in a complex legal situation where you need solid advice or you need someone to bounce your (legal) options off of, I recommend his excellent legal and problem solving skills.”
Mark de Bruin, HR Manager Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology

” It was a pleasure to work together with Bas. Through many years we worked together, he has displayed great leadership abilities, demonstrated high level of ethics and integrity. He proposed solutions rather than focusing on the problems. He is well organized, fast-thinking, critical and analytical. He is an effective professional to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed my many years of collaboration with him.”
Valerie Tan, HR Manager within Group Commercial at IKEA Group

” I know Bas as a trusted and knowledgeable in-house employment lawyer from my time as HR Director of Royal BAM Group and Linde Group. He works from long-term relationships and knowledge of the organization, adding great value. Actively thinks and helps to properly and also preventively address employment law issues. In doing so, comes up with practical and appropriate solutions.”
Erik Gelderloos, Senior HR Professional / Change & Learning Consultant

” I recommend Bas. I have engaged Bas to support me in a labor case. Bas is a thoughtful and professionally sound lawyer, and a recognized expert in labor law. He is also a good listener, friendly and service oriented. He goes the extra mile even if this is not always contractually covered. From own experience I would hence certainly recommend using the services of Bas and in particular in labor law cases.”
Jan de Graaf, Consultant at Cargill

Bas knows how to get to the heart of the matter in short words. Smart, nuanced and mirroring where necessary.”
Jan Huib Pannekoek, Senior policy officer branch organization of cinemas and film theaters NVBF

Bas is an extremely professional lawyer with whom I have worked very pleasantly for many years in various major reorganization projects. He also tackled individual employment law cases with determination and integrity for all parties. Bas is a relationship person, who values a good atmosphere and mutual respect in cooperation. We always worked together in a pleasant atmosphere – even when we disagreed at times – and with great humor. Bas in a few words summarized: reliable, integrity, ‘knowledge base’, professional, result-oriented, fine person.”
Gisèle Touboul, Senior Manager Talent, Learning & Development at Royal BAM Group nv

Bas Westerhout has been advising us on complicated employment law issues for years. He is clear in his communication has vision and always knows how to suggest the right solution that will resolve the matter.”
Richard Boske, CEO Boorwerk B.V.

Bas, you did a great job, the procedure around my resignation, many thanks. I had the confidence from the beginning and you more than lived up to it. So happy with you, sharp, analytical and with humorous tone, totally TOP!!!”
Myra Schutte-Rots, Oosterbeek Pharmacy

” During my time as Department Director of Human Resources at NCM and as HR Director Rothmans Group (BAT), I have come to know Bas as a very trusted advisor in the field of labor law and industrial relations. He has the ability to combine legal depth of knowledge with very good sense of proportion. Is able to really help the client with creative solutions. Extensive experience in the field of reorganizations and employee participation. Value for money. Moreover, very pleasant to work with.”
Peter Lindenbergh, member of the board Stichting Pensioenfonds Ahold

“The company where I had been employed for 40 years went through a reorganization and my job position became redundant after that. I then approached Thijs and from the very first contact, I immediately understood that he would be there for me and would look after my interests well. The entire settlement took less than a month, and that was mainly due to Thijs’ quick and efficient approach. Thijs does not beat around the bush and got straight to the point with me and with my employer. In doing so, he never lost sight of my interests. I am very satisfied with the final settlement he pulled out of the fire for me.”

Ginette Vink

” Working with Thijs over a very long period of time has always been to our complete satisfaction. In my years as HRD at dentsu Benelux, I have experienced Thijs as very knowledgeable. Thijs thinks with the client and is flexible. Because of his commitment to the company, Thijs manages to get to the point quickly. Thijs is solution-oriented, with integrity, works with impressive speed and is reliable. In addition, Thijs is a very pleasant person to work with; his genuine interest in you as a person and professional really makes the difference.”

Monique Benda-Gerritsen, HR Director Dentsu Benelux

Thijs Muffels and his firm Lieshout Westerhout Advocaten (LWA): seasoned in the field of employment law. Over the years, I have been assisted in my role as CEO by Thijs. He is sharp, adequate and with integrity. Thijs does what he says and says what he does. That works very pleasantly. His reliability & commitment is extremely high, not only on a business level but also on a personal level. Thijs is valuable.”

Tom Vermeiden, CEO BIRR BioSciences B.V.

Thijs Muffels is our lawyer for employment based conflicts and has proven his worth in all cases. I would describe Thijs as professional, easy to communicate with and most of all focused on problem solving. It is very reassuring to be able entrust Thijs with complex arbitration allowing us to focus on running our companies. I would recommend Thijs and LWA to all those seeking legal expertise.”

Emile van Hasselt, Director of Michel Food Consulting

” Very experienced professional and proactive. I highly recommend Thijs and his firm.”

Harm Overgoor, Managing Director

” Skilled and integrity are the first words I think of when I think of Thijs . From my role as HR Business Partner at BAM Infra, I had the opportunity to work with Thijs for a number of years. This cooperation was mainly during the termination of employment and reorganization processes. I was particularly impressed with Thijs’ constructive approach. Thanks to his cordial and fair approach, we never had to defend ourselves in court, but always came up with a humane solution with the other party. No matter how complicated the issue was, we always came to a good solution. What I really appreciate Thijs for is his approach of wanting to come out mutually over having to go to court. Therefore, thanks to Thijs, I never had to appear in court with my files. Thijs deserves my recommendation because it is pleasant to work with him and he has a high degree of professionalism.”

Janet Zoer, HR Business Partner at Port of Amsterdam

” I have known Thijs for a number of years and have enjoyed working together on a number of complex employment law cases. Thijs characterizes himself as incisive, thinking above all with the client and above all looking for the way to the best solution. I hope to work with Thijs for a long time to come.”

Peter Peddemors, CEO at Waysis BV

Thijs is a thorough lawyer. I have been working with him for a long time and regularly, and he stands out for his knowledge of the case and commitment to it. He fills his advisory role well but also takes intitiative when things threaten to get stuck. Negotiates sharply, but remains realistic. Balanced person.”

Ronald van Hulst, Director at BAM Infra

Thijs has provided me with legal advice in a number of “old” dissolution cases. All were resolved satisfactorily. His way of working is to the point, knowledgeably striking the right balance between the law, business and personal interests of all involved. Thijs has a pleasant and approachable way of working together.”

Bianca Hartman, HR Business Partner at Johnson Controls and Coach by Hartman Equine Coaching

” The cooperation with Thijs can be described as: long, pleasant and successful. I highly recommend him.”

Leendert Klink, Global HR Director at Van Hessen

” We have many employment law cases picked up by Thijs . Thijs is pragmatic and realistic is his approach. He thinks and acts in the best interest of the client and resolving a case quickly with tremendous case knowledge.”

Xavier Tilman, Founder/Owner at Ngage Media

Thijs guided me regarding the settlement of my employment. The guidance was of an extremely high standard in every way, very knowledgeable, proactive and professional. In short, an employment law attorney that I more than recommend.”

John de Munck, Account Director at AON

Thijs has assisted us in a number of employment law matters. I look back on a very fine and good cooperation. Thijs solved these issues perfectly where I was pleasantly surprised by his drive, accuracy and clear way of communicating. So I highly recommend him to anyone who has an employment law problem and wants to be sure of the best possible solution.”

Marcel Rutten, Managing Director at Best Western Plus City Hotel Gouda

” With Thijs , you work together toward results. We have worked successfully together on complex cases as well as smaller employment law matters, always with Thijs’ eye focused on the relationship, the opportunities and the risks to be considered.”

Alice Pirnay, HR Business Partner at T – Systems Netherlands

” I enjoyed working with Thijs for many years on both complex and less complex cases. Thijs always had an eye for the client, thinks along in solutions, acts quickly and pragmatically. In addition, he is a pleasant and person of integrity. I highly recommend him!”

Chantal Keulen, Owner HRizons I human being management I senior consultant & certified coach

” For several years, I have been working with Thijs to my complete satisfaction where employment law advice is concerned. Thijs assists our organization in word and deed, where his pragmatism, clarity and speed of action stand out positively. Thijs is involved in what we do and shows interest, then appropriate solutions are worked out that also have an eye for the human dimension.”

Robin Peters, Managing Partner at Virtual Affairs/Partner at We are You

Thijs is someone who when he represents your case really stands up for you. He bites into the file while remaining realistic. He does not lose sight of the human aspect. He works very accurately and in communication he is quick and always easy to reach. In short, I can highly recommend Thijs as an employment law attorney.”
Fleur van Zeeland, Forensic Investigator Integis BV