Bas Westerhout



Bas has been a lawyer since 1990. Initially, he practiced corporate law. Since 1996, he has combined his knowledge of corporate law with employment law. He works extensively and enjoys working on reorganizations, restructuring and transition of companies (Royal BAM Group, BAT, Hewlett-Packard, IKEA, among others). Strong in understanding and guiding personnel consequences of organizational change from his background as a corporate law attorney. Bas is a seasoned expert in employee participation and regularly advises works councils. Complex employee participation issues he knows how to translate quickly and effectively into clear legal frameworks. He advises and guides his clients from a solid substantive framework and gets straight to the point.

Bas assists HR partners and senior management with collective dismissals, collective bargaining law and employee participation law. Like no other, he oversees the consequences of this, at the labor law level as well as more broadly for the organization. He also acts as a supervisor in the event of dismissal of (statutory) directors.

International Advisory Experts has named Bas the 2019 winner of the International Advisory Expert Award based on input from peers. In 2022, Bas was named “Employment Lawyer of the Year – The Netherlands” by“Global 100 – 2022 edition.”